for young audience

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André Desponds, klavier
Andrea Herdeg, tanz
Adrian Schulthess, tanz

Two dancers and a pianist take the young audience on a playful journey through the history of dance and music, starting with Bach and Ballet, then Jazz and Step and through to Break-Dance. It all begins very simply. The pianist plays a melody and the two dancers react as expected: Baroque with Bach, Modern with Jazz. Very soon though, the order is overthrown and Bach meets Contemporary Dance. Then the roles are switched and the music follows the dancers. Be it loud or gentle, classical or off-key: dance and music are always a couple, flirting with each other, forever causing creative friction. Once again a melody changes and the dancers react to it: three different melodies to one kind of dance... Then the pupils can have a go and let the dancers and the musician follow their lead and imaginations.

Within the framework of the Schoolhouse Concerts, interactive production tanz&ton has already been shown over 100 times in the cities and cantons of Zurich and Zug since 2005.

'With their dazzling display of sound and movement the virtuoso trio of herdeg&desponds takes us on an entertaining and colourful journey through 300 years of music and dance history. With few words and a lot of humour the artists provide insight into how diverse the interaction between music and movement can be'.  Büro für Schulkultur, City of Zurich