nuit blanche – homage to ravel

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Melina Mandozzi, violin
André Desponds, piano
Andrea Herdeg, dance
Florian Albin, dance

He composed in the greatest secret. Everything had to be done - or seem do be done – by a miracle. His piano and his study table bore no trace of his work and gave no evidence of preliminary drafts. Nothing would make you think that a musician lives here. Only very rarely do you see a pen or some manuscript paper either on the table or indeed on the piano, whose lid is mostly shut.’ Roland-Manuel, Ravel Remembered

Renowned for the beauty, exoticism and filmic qualities of his atmospheric works, nuit blanche – homage to ravel is a journey by eye and by ear into the crystalline world of 20th Century French composer and pianist Maurice Ravel. Virtuoso piano, violin and dance intertwine with vibrant projections as five accomplished artists from different disciplines plunge into the tones of Ravel’s work, finding complicity amongst the precise passion of the black marks on the manuscript paper, revealing the genius, wit, conflicts of this solitary, dramatic, aesthetic dandy.